Thursday, 7 May 2015


Well, here it is then, the first page of my new blog and I suppose I should tell you what it is all about then.

It is many things to many people for instance to me it's a space where I can dazzle you all whilst laying out my uniquely original and insightful thoughts on my interests with razor sharp wit and grace.

To others, it is the frothing, gibbering, incoherent nonsensical ramblings of somebody who is old enough to know better. It definitely isn't big and it definitely isn't funny!

"But what is it about?"

It's about my attempts to make sense of the Omnirumour and attempt to understand what missing (or previously missing if you prefer) episodes of vintage sixties and seventies TV series may have been recovered by the founder of TIEA Philip Morris. So there will be rumours, research, analysis and inference - expect lots of inference.

This blog does expect some familiarity with the Omnirumour itself and will no doubt veer off into surrounding areas which may not seem whole relevant but will hopefully redeem themselves.

A couple of sites I am sure you are familiar with but are worth mentioning to the uninitiated are:

For all things Doctor Who and television distribution related: 

The blog of the indomitable J O'Donnell who describes his blog as 
"A journal of pointless and suspect research into television history. Mainly about Doctor Who."